What Do I Use to Clean Vinyl Windows?

For clean vinyl windows, start by washing the vinyl portion with a few drops of a mild liquid cleaner in a bucket of water. If you have more stubborn build-up, the following mild or non-abrasive household cleaners can work well: Formula 409, Ajax Liquid Cleaner, Murphy’s Oil Soap, Lysol Cleaner, Soft Scrub without bleach or regular Alcohol. A simple vinegar and water mixture will also work to clean vinyl windows. (For more information on vinyl see: https://www.showcasewindows.com/homeowners/homeowner-why-buy-vinyl)

The Following Types of Cleaners Should Not Be Used on Vinyl:

Do not use: Bleaches, Acids, Caustics, Methyl Chloride, Methylene Chloride, Xylene, Toluene, Pine Power, Ivory, Grease Relief, Tide Detergent, Nail Polish Remover (acetone) or similar products to clean vinyl windows. These may permanently damage the vinyl, and may possibly damage the glass, as well.

What Can I Use to Clean the Glass?

Usually, a few drops of a mild liquid cleaner in a bucket of water is sufficient to clean the glass. Or, Windex and other glass cleaners can also be used. For clean windows, be sure to use only a soft, absorbent cloth on the glass.

Use Caution when Cleaning Glass with Razor Blades

Though generally not recommended, if you must use a razor to clean the glass, use this method: Wet the glass first, then run a razor onto the glass in one direction only.  If necessary, repeat in the same direction.  Do not drag the razor blade back and forth on the glass because this will scratch the surface, especially on tempered glass.

Maintaining the Sash for Clean Vinyl Windows

Once the window frames have been cleaned, you can spay silicone lubricant on the balance rods.  Then raise the sash and spray on the inside channel so the sash can operate freely for proper vinyl window maintenance.