showcase-neumaPatented Hydroshield Technology™

Neuma fiberglass doors have an advanced Hydroshield Technology that protects every Neuma patio door system from water infiltration on all sides. This prevents warping, delamination, rotting, and the development of mold and mildew.

Download the Neuma Fiberglass Door Brochure.

1. High Performance Composite Jambs

All Neuma fiberglass doors contain composite jambs that provide incredibly high impact protection and water protection. This prevents warping, splintering and rotting.

2. High-Impact Fiberglass Door Skins

Each Neuma door system includes compression molded, fiberglass door skins that resist corrosion, rotting, splitting, and cracking.

3. Waterproof Composite Stiles and Rails

Neuma doors use a patented, composite-edge design structure to prevent water from seeping into the door and causing delamination and warping.


  • Offers lifetime limited warranty
  • Includes high-impact fiberglass door skins
  • Will not crack, dent, rot, split, or warp
  • Available in pre-finished interiors that never need painting
  • All the beauty and warmth of wood without the maintenance
  • Insulation value superior to wood doors
  • Provides a great investment for your home
  • ENERGY STAR qualified in all 50 states

Pre-Finished Option

The Interior and Exterior Colors available in our standard 2-week lead time include:

  • Smooth white
  • Unstained woodgrain

All other colors are available with an extended lead time.


*Colors shown may vary slightly from the actual product color due to differences in computer monitors and phone screens. Check with your Showcase representative if you would like a color sample.

Painting and Staining Guide

For an evenly-painted surface, we recommend using either acrylic latex or 100% acrylic exterior house paint.

For a professional-looking wood finish, we recommend using Zar™ stain manufactured by United Gilsonite Laboratories