Some buzzwords are more important than others. The latest and greatest of these has to be the words “going green,” as in the color green, meaning the environment matters. More specifically, the term is now intended to be ecological, lessening our impact upon the world, and generally protecting the planet.

There are many ways to understand and interpret the “going green” mission, and just as many with which to carry it out.

For a transformational industry such as ours, the task is fairly straightforward. After all, the Showcase Window and Door Company is, in many ways, more akin to an assembly plant than a strict manufacturing facility. Our vinyl extrusions are some of the heaviest and most structurally stable in the industry. Yet, we do not manufacture these extrusions. We only bend them to shape, cut them to size and friction weld them together to create our exceptional window frames. Whatever is left over from this benign assembly process is sent out for recycling and reuse. This is inherently a “clean” process, producing virtually no by-products. We do not continually dirty the air, soil the ground, or poison the water.

The same can be said for the glass we use, irrespective of the type of glass. We do not manufacture it; just as for our vinyl extrusions, our glass is purchased from environmentally-responsible producers. We cut, shape, and fit the glass into our frames. As some types of glass can be recycled for window pane purposes, and some cannot, we dispose of our cuttings in an appropriate, responsible manner.

The above is the least we can do, which is why we go much further in striving for “green” status. Green should be a state of mind permeating everything we do, every day.

Ours is an efficient plant, assembling custom windows and doors on an order-by-order basis. We sell all we make; we make only what is sold. Our workforce is as stable as possible in an ever-changing economic environment. Management is keen to fully employ, for as long as is economically possible, as many employees as we have and need, and no more. We are not fans of the expand-at-will, contract-as-necessary employment method. Thereby, we ensure ourselves a loyal, smart, and hardworking workforce. They are respected and know it. We believe being green and responsible at Showcase also applies to the people on this earth, not only the earth itself.