Showcase Now Offers Black Frames

Showcase Windows and Doors recently introduced black window frames for our line of Custom and Replacement vinyl windows and patio doors. Black-on-white frames are also available for New Construction!

Below are the links to all of our current technical data for windows and doors. This page may change frequently as we are always working on improving our products ratings and quality.

While the data below is correct, the test reports are hard to read and TDI is sometimes behind in updating its website. To receive accurate data on the exact model and type that you are looking for, please fill out the form on the contact us page. Otherwise, contact your friendly sales representative at your convenience. To get contact information for our knowledgeable sales reps, please visit our Meet Showcase page. We will get back to you quickly and courteously.

Under the Egress Section you will find the necessary requirements to meet Egress. Each of the individual product size links include the individual product Egress information. They are the window sizes that are a darker shade.

Product Ratings

Egress Worksheet Instructions

To use the Egress Worksheet below you must have Microsoft Excel. Open the link to view the worksheet. Provided on this sheet are the smallest possible window sizes that our different window types can meet. To see if the window size that you desire meets egress, insert the full window dimensions on the WORKSHEET row of the section that contains your window type, starting with the width and then the height. Once the data is entered you must check to see that the clear opening is greater than or equal to 20″ for the width and greater than or equal to 24″ for the height. Then you must check to see if the clear opening area is greater than or equal to 5.7 ft^2. If all these requirements are met, then the window size for that type will meet Egress.

If you have any problems running this program then please Email Us or Contact Us and we will get your Egress information to you as soon as possible.

200 Series Mullion Analysis