The Showcase Window and Door Company manufactures high-quality vinyl windows and doors. Why buy vinyl windows? A vinyl window has a frame made of PolyVinyl Chloride Resin (PVC), a strong plastic compound. Showcase has chosen vinyl as our primary product due to its strength, durability, insulating properties, and also for its low maintenance. Traditionally, windows of wood or aluminum have been a popular choice. As more research was conducted on home energy efficiency and heat loss, the industry saw the need for a higher-performing window. Increasingly, vinyl window frames have stepped up to become the logical answer.

A Great Insulator

Vinyl has the property of a natural insulator. There is little-to-no energy loss through the frame or sash of a vinyl window. While wood may exhibit this property at first, over time the wood can warp, crack, and mold. This lessens the integrity of the frame, allowing air infiltration and the loss of insulating capacity. Aluminum is a very poor insulator because it conducts energy out of the interior and into its metal frame. Energy loss is inevitable and noticeable with an aluminum window.

Low Maintenance

Eventually, a wood window frame can absorb the moisture around it. This has been known to cause the frame to warp, crack, develop mold, or attract bugs with this moisture. This can be prevented, but it is a constant struggle to refinish and maintain the wood windows. Aluminum windows can get pitted over time or develop corrosion in the form of white rust. They, too, will ultimately require labor-intensive care in the form of refinishing or repainting.

Contrary to the windows made of wood or aluminum, the vinyl window is virtually maintenance free. The frame will not warp, crack, split, mold, or attract bugs because it is a sturdy plastic compound. The color is built into the compound so it will not easily fade or require repainting. Vinyl windows do not absorb any of the pollution or moisture that is in the air, which is extremely important in the humid Gulf Coast region. No work is needed to maintain the performance and beauty of a vinyl window. A simple wash every now and then to remove dirt from the window is all that is needed for vinyl windows to look and perform as new.

Environmentally Beneficial

Purchasing a Showcase custom vinyl window or door helps with the energy efficiency of your home. Lower energy use not only provides you with financial benefits, but also lessens our impact on our natural resources. All things being equal, vinyl framed windows provide the greatest number of advantages. Their manufacturing process is inherently less detrimental to the environment. They require almost zero maintenance. They are the most efficient of any of the options available. And lastly, they strike the most reasonable compromise on the price vs. value scale.

Another aspect to consider is manufacturing waste. You’ll find many companies tend to mass produce stock-sized windows. This can lead to wasted material and is therefore not energy efficient overall.  At the Showcase Window and Door Company, our products are custom-built for each order. Therefore, there is little potential for material waste.

You can be smart about our Earth, your family, and your wallet with products from the Showcase Window and Door Company.

Why Buy Vinyl Windows?